The day trading and gambling are both different form each other and they are also quite similar. There both of it has the essence of similarity and dissimilarity. Both are very much liked by the people. The day trading is the kind of trade where al large amount of share is sold and bought in a single day. It is quote difference from that of gambling. Nothing can be sold or bought in a day.

Gambling is quite different from the gambling. In gambling most of the games are based on luck and chance. The role of fate or luck or chance is significant in the gambling. The gambling is based purely on the luck factor.

In gambling the players are not to be enough leaned. It can be played by any category of people from any background. But in day trading the traders are supposed to be quite learned. The traders are to be great learner at the same time. They have to use their brain and intelligence. But of course luck factor is also there in the day trading.

The casino is the game where more than one person is involved. It is the game which cannot be played by the individual. It requires may be a group to play. But in the day trading no such group is required or essential.

Gambling is a sort of game meant for entertainment. But day trading is not a game. It is rather a business or a kind of occupation for the traders. People are earned money fro it like any other job.

In many countries gambling still consider as an illegal game. On contrary day trading is legalized. There are many stock exchanges in the countries. It is established way of earning one’s bread and butter.

The traders have to make plans in order to get success in day trading. They have to use their d knowledge and they also lead a disciplinary life style. They have to us various charts, maps of share and debentures. But these are very far from the gambling scenario. Though there are many modern casinos in the different parts of the world but still gambling is not a very prestigious. It fails to earn the crown of prestige in front of the day trading. 2010-2023 - All rights reserved