History of casino and gambling is very well known by many of us. We know about the place and time of the origin of casino games. Craps is also a well played casino game but we are not very much aware about the origin or time of its birth. Though it is a very old and ancient game still we do not have a crystal clear concept amount the history of this game. It may be age old but it is very popular even today.

The rules are more or less different in the mode of playing the games. Let’s go back to the past to have a look about the craps history. Different people have various views about the origin of the game or who played the game for the first time. English often claimed that it was they who first started the game to play. Some said that French were first to start it as game, so different kinds of origination is coming in front of us.

Some people guess that craps started in France and then it came in America, African communities. It became very popular among the communities like New Orleans, Louisiana and in others.

Scholars say that the game was found to play in The Middle Ages through the Crusades. The crusades often gone in business trips to the distant lands of Arab from there they carried the game of dice.

Very soon the game of dice became very popular. It was the game of Middle East but very soon it became to be played in other countries. To play craps the players will only need a pair of dice. So it can be played by any one of different economic strata and due to this it earned its popularity very soon.

Craps can be played any where, it can be played in the open space or in the room or in the casinos. To day due to the online casinos craps can be played from the home. It has become much more sophisticated and fashionable at the same time. Various new rules are implemented in the game of craps. It is becoming much more interested day by day.

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